• Three-phase intelligent servo drive power supply
  • Three-phase intelligent servo drive power supply
  • Three-phase intelligent servo drive power supply
  • Three-phase intelligent servo drive power supply
  • Three-phase intelligent servo drive power supply
  • Three-phase intelligent servo drive power supply

Three-phase intelligent servo drive power supply

The three-phase intelligent servo drive power supply is specially designed for the Chinese power grid and AC servo motor power supply adaptation, with the characteristics of small size, complete protection measures, energy saving, etc. This product solves the problems of traditional transformers such as large size, heavy weight, power consumption, and difficult installation. It is currently the best product to replace traditional three-phase transformers and electronic transformers.
  • Three-phase intelligent servo drive power supply
  • Three-phase intelligent servo drive power supply
  • Three-phase intelligent servo drive power supply
  • Features

1. Beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, box-type appearance, can be hung and installed at will.
2. Low power consumption, low heat, no noise, good electromagnetic compatibility.
3. Double lightning protection, strong overload capacity.
4. Special alloy material, connector terminals can also slow down flow and pressure
5. Imported modules are used, with stable output and long life.
6 Built-in EM filter pure output, isolation, filtering, and anti-interference.

  • Product Usage

Servo drive power supply is widely used in servo motor power supply with input voltage three-phase four-wire 380VAC and output three-phase three-wire 200VAC. It is suitable for 220AC servo drives of domestic and foreign brands such as FANUC, TOSHIBA, MITSUBISHI, FUJI, YASKAWA, PANASHITA, SANYO, MEST, FUJI, DELTA, GUANGSU, TECO, etc.

  • Technical Parameters

Input voltage Three-phase four-wire system (380V-415V) Current Mode Dynamic tracking
The output voltage Three-phase four-wire AC (200V-230V) Load Regulation 0.1%
Maximum output operating current 2 times rated current efficiency 99.5%
Current fundamental frequency 300HZ Current waveform Sine Wave
Dynamic operating current frequency 1MHZ Voltage Regulation 0.2%
Current drive type SPWM Load response time 2us
Output voltage distortion 0.1% Response time <1.5us

  • Model Specifications

Model Specifications Rated Capacity(KW) Input voltage(V) The output voltage(V) Output current(A) Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
CWSF-2KVA 2KW 3ф380V 3ф200V 5.8 151*115*52 1.2
CWSF-3KVA 3KW 3ф380V 3ф200V 8.7 151*115*52 1.2
CWSF-4.5KVA 4.5KW 3ф380V 3ф200V 13.0 151*115*52 1.3
CWSF-6KVA 6KW 3ф380V 3ф200V 15.9 151*115*52 1.5
CWSF-8KVA 8KW 3ф380V 3ф200V 21.7 151*115*52 1.5
CWSF-11KVA 11KW 3ф380V 3ф200V 31.8 178*125*68 1.7
CWSF-13KVA 13KW 3ф380V 3ф200V 43.3 178*125*68 1.7
CWSF-15KVA 20KW 3ф380V 3ф200V 57.7 178*125*68 1.8
CWSF-20KVA 30KW 3ф380V 3ф200V 86.6 178*125*68 1.8
CWSF-25KVA 45KW 3ф380V 3ф200V 129.9 178*125*68 2.0
CWSF-30KVA 60KW 3ф380V 3ф200V 173.2 178*125*68 2.2

physical dimension                                                                                                                        Reference wiring diagram

Dimensional drawing of three-phase intelligent servo transformer                                        Three-phase intelligent servo transformer wiring diagram

  • Friendly reminder

Please reserve space for the transformer to operate when selecting the power. Do not fully load the transformer to avoid overloading the transformer when the external voltage is unstable, which will reduce its service life. The best configuration is that the load power should not exceed 80% of the actual load power of the transformer.

  • installation steps

U, V, and W are connected to the three-phase 380V live wire. The neutral wire plays the role of three-phase balance. According to the three-phase four-wire vector operation rules, no circuit breaker, switch, or cable can be connected between the neutral wire from the mains to the N node of the electronic transformer. No-load inspection (not connected to the servo drive): After connecting U, V, W, and N, power on. Use the DC gear of the multimeter to measure the normal voltage between L2 and L3 to be 190+10V. If the voltage at these two points is abnormal, the servo drive cannot be connected. Turn off the power supply and connect the servo drive. The electronic transformer L1\L2\L3 corresponds to the servo drive L1\L2\L3. This is very important and must not be connected incorrectly, otherwise the server will not work properly. It is strictly forbidden to connect anywhere except the servo drive power supply between L1\L2\L3, otherwise it will cause the working point to shift and damage the electronic transformer. The single-phase AC220 power supply on the equipment, such as 220V cable system, 220V cooling fan, etc., can be powered by a live wire and a neutral wire in front of the electronic transformer (it is best to use a single-phase 380V to 220V transformer for power supply)
If the equipment has a three-phase asynchronous 220V motor, this electronic transformer cannot power it. It is recommended to use a three-phase asynchronous 380V motor instead.
Repeatedly check the above wiring, and turn on the machine after confirming that it is correct. The servo drive displays ready to work, indicating that everything can work normally.